What’s Better This Week?

Episode 4: Welcome Back

March 11, 2020
Hello Everyone and welcome back! I apologize for the brief hiatus with no notice! Since the last episode two things happened at the exact same time: first I got very sick, and second (and more important) I bought and moved into my very own home. Personally, I hope it is my last move ever, because honestly it was a lot. Since then I’ve been recovering (and with a suppressed immune system and chronic illness, it’s taken longer than I’ve hoped for). This sadly hasn’t lent itself to working on a podcast…to say nothing of attempting to find my podcasting gear in all of the boxes that were set aside in my home office.
However, my home office is now setup, and I have found my podcasting gear, which means that as you are listening to this, I am recording this Sunday’s episode…uploading it, and setting it to auto publish! So please tune in this Sunday as we continue forward together down our solutions focused path. Thank you for bearing with me,
The music you’re listening to in the background today is Boston Landing on “Blue Dot Sessions" generously shared through a creative commons license. Please find more of their music at www.sessions.blue, that’s w-w-w- dot s-e-s-s-i-o-n-s- dot b-l-u-e. I’ll see you this Sunday with more; until then, make good choices.

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